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Rituals in a Digital Society

Rituals in a digital society

ritual, digitalization

The shift in cultural practices towards a blending of offline and online dimensions, also affects rituals. In this research project I explore the impact of digitalization on death rituals, religious communities, and divorce rituals. Download here the book I edited together with Suzanne van der Beek.

Srebrenica: commemorative practices

Srebrenica, genocide, commemoration, practices

The Srebrenica Genocide (1995) has a great impact on societies of both Bosnia Herzegovina and the Netherlands. Commemorative practices might help in truth finding, experiencing justice and reconciliation. Article in Onati Journal regarding the Exhibition in Srebrenica.

Handboek Crematierituelen (NL)

Crematorium Tilburg

ritual, death, music, cremation, crematorium

Het "Handboek Crematierituelen" gaat in op de samenhang tussen het denken over de dood en de manier waarop we het afscheid van de dode vormgeven.

Divorce rituals


Divorce, ritual, scheiding

People get married, but what if a relation ends? Can rituals help to make the transition from a life together to a new phase? In this project I cooperate with Anne Buiskool, see here her website.

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